What is Quadnet?

Who/What is Quadnet?
We are a routing network that doesn't require a CLUB CALL signs and have no registrations. Just point your gateway
to one of the QuadNet servers listed on this website or the link page in the drop down box in the
ircddbgateway software design by Johnathan Naylor G4KLX of the UK.

Quadnet's philosophy:
We contend that your FCC license or the country you are from that requires Amateur Radio licenses are enough to
operate on the QuadNet2 USA IRC Network. We do not require a special club or repeater callsign for use on the network.
As long as the callsign is valid and being legally used we fully support the use of dongles, hotspots, repeaters (both homebrew and ICOM)
on the quadnet network.

Routing with ircDDB:
Routing is another part of your powerful gateway that is not used but can be a great asset to your gateway communications.
There are several ways to route. Call Sign route is a one to one route, Zone route or repeater route is when one route to
a specific repeater and talk to those on that repeater, and Group Routing is where one of many can route into a routing
sever to talk to that group. This maybe understood for those who link to reflectors, Instead of linking you can route to
log into a group where all can talk and listen like is done on a reflector. You can call this a routing reflector. With
group routing you have what's called the follow me feature. No DNS or Host files is needed. In other words you can route
into module C repeater and pick up communication on module B repeater in that area or other areas that has the QuadNet
Servers. The group routing server that is now in use is called QNET20 C. To use this group routing sever you must have
your gateway logged into the QuadNet IRC Open Network. Next you need to place "QNET20 C" in your UR field in your d-star
radio. Press the PTT once and watch the display on your radio for the login text. If you can't watch for the login text
listen for the transmission end beep. Once logged in you can now talk to the QNET20 GROUP SERVER. Once you are finish with
your transmissions you can log off by replacing "QNET20 C" with "QNET20 Z", the "Z" is use for LOG OFF. Also, QNET20 has a
total of 3 channels. B, C and D. There log off codes are T, Z and O on those corresponding channels.

Supported devices:
ICOM D-STAR Repeater stacks
Homebrew D-STAR Repeaters
DV Mega: http://www.dvmega.auria.nl/
MMDVM http://mmdvm.blogspot.com/
URDC https://nw-digital-radio.groups.io/g/udrc/wiki

Software compatible with Quadnet:
Raspberry PI / BBB / Banna PI images from:
Adrian VK4TUX vk4tux@bigpond.com
Western D-STAR http://www.westerndstar.co.uk/

DL5DI's prebuilt repeater/gateway packages for ARMHF or I386 https://github.com/dl5di/OpenDV

Jonathan's software G4KLX via the yahoo groups:

The QuadNet2 USA IRC Network Group also offer help with your gateway setup or help with troubleshooting when problems occur.
If you like, you can join in on our Teamspeak server or talk to us directly in the irc channel for support.

Teamspeak server (Password is dstar, just use your callsign - Name to log in):
Teamspeak's client version 3 can be downloaded here: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

IRC Server:
rr.openquadnet port 9007
join the #support channel to talk to an admin.
We prefer the Hexchat opensource IRC client which can be downloaded here: http://hexchat.github.io/downloads.html

Support Email:

Website admin is Don W9DRR (admins@openquad.net)

73 and have fun with D-STAR!